Welcome to the home of the JAMPIRES!

Jampires is a picture book written and illustrated by Sarah McIntyre and David O’Connell.

“THERE’S NO JAM!” yelled Sam. “This doughnut is wrinkly! This doughnut is jamless and dry!
Someone has got to this doughnut before me and sucked out the jamminess! WHY?”

Who are the culprits? Sam sets a trap to catch the jam thieves and gets a surprise! It’s the JAMPIRES: friendly little creatures whose love of jam and sweet things gets them into trouble!

They fly off with Sam to their magical land sitting in the clouds, where doughnuts grow on trees, jam tarts sprout like flowers, and castles are made of jammy sponge cake.

It’s a delightful, slurpalicious, JAM-tastic adventure.

Here you’ll find activities to go with the book, and inspiration for your own creative ideas.


How to Draw a Jampire 1

How to Draw a Jampire 2

Make Jampire Finger Puppets

Jampire Masks

Greetings Card

Knitting Pattern

Comics Jams

Sarah and David created the JAMPIRES picture book using a comics jam they did as inspiration.

A comics jam is fun game to play with friends, where you take it in turns to make a comic panel or page. It’s completely improvised so you don’t know what will come next! It can come up with very surprising and funny stories. Sarah and David even made a comic using a comics jam to describe what a comics jam is!

Why not have your own comics jam? Download detailed instructions here.

Read the whole of the JAMPIRES comic that Sarah and David created here.

About Sarah and David

Sarah McIntyre is an award-winning author and illustrator who creates picture books like Grumpycorn and has collaborated with Philip Reeve on a number of illustrated books including Oliver & the Seawigs, Pugs of the Frozen North, The Legend of Kevin and the Adventuremice series. You can find her website here.

David O’Connell is a writer and illustrator of over fifty books, particularly humorous picture books and young fiction. His best known books are The Naughtiest Unicorn series, The Sunday Times best-selling How to Grow Up and Feel Amazing (both as illustrator) and The Chocolate Factory Ghost (as writer). His website is here.